Types of Management Referrals

In addition to the self-referral, we encourage and support HR managers to utilize the following management referrals:

Informal Referral:
There are no job performance concerns, however, without intervention from EAP services there may be performance issues in the future. No formal documentation provided by the EAP.

Formal Mandated Referral:
The referral is made to the EAP when an employee is at the corrective action or work performance stage, where discipline or termination is likely. HR will mandate that the employee seek counseling as a condition of employment. The EAP will provide formal documentation to HR upon completion.

Additional Support

Critical Incident Response:
 Critical incidents that affect the workplace often occur without warning and can have a significant impact on all concerned. There is a need for an effective crisis response in order to assist staff when managing the impact of trauma. Balance EAP’s critical incident services support all staff and family members affected by a crisis or traumatic incident.


Balance EAP offers a comprehensive, organized approach for evaluating and responding to critical incidents and traumatic events. This broad approach commences with a needs-assessment considering the immediate and potential ongoing consequences of traumatic events, and results in a management plan providing a variety of best practice crisis interventions and post-crisis psychological treatment.


Balance EAP can provide the company with a variety of promotional materials (also available in hard-copy format at cost), including brochures, posters, content for announcement communications and a launch e-mail.


We establish a calendar of monthly themes that reflect topics of interest to working people such as work-life balance, wellness, child care, elder caregiving, and legal and financial issues. Our materials focus on positive outcomes to typical challenges, and embrace a broad selection of wellbeing topics. Materials produced for consortium EAP groups are branded with the consortium name.



Program Brochure

Customized brochures and wallet cards for employees that describe the EAP services, including access information.


Monthly Newsletter

A monthly reminder of the EAP on topics related to family, caregiving, daily living, health, legal, financial, and more.


Orientation PowerPoint Presentation

The full color PowerPoint presentation is intended to explain the program to end users. Each aspect of the service is described with examples of how the service can be utilized.


Providing client support is not restricted to a predetermined set of duties and responsibilities that your account manager must work within. While our account management model ensures timely response to client needs and speedy escalation of any client issues internally, we always encourage our corporate clients to contact us, freely. On an ongoing basis, your account manager will closely monitor utilization trends and will work with you to adapt the program as needed and increase utilization


At Balance EAP, quality service is at the core of everything that we do. Employees are provided the highest quality EAP solution in the marketplace. From the moment a request is made until the user expresses his or her satisfaction with the results, quality is the primary focus of our service.  We encourage our client companies to contact us whenever a concern arises.


Satisfaction Surveys

We utilize satisfaction surveys to measure and evaluate our service delivery to client organizations and their employees/family members. The survey is offered to each individual upon closure of the case.


Balance EAP provides clients with standard and customized management information reports. Our standard reporting packages include the following detail:

  • Utilization Rates
  • Member Demographics
  • Engagement Impact
  • Utilization by Problem Category
  • Referral Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Satisfaction Survey Results

A comprehensive utilization report is provided annually. EAP consortium customers receive an aggregated report for all member companies.

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